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Almost Raw Blueberry Cheesecake with Cardamom & Ginger

Disclosure: I’m about to tease you with all the imagery of a summery raw cheesecake, and then tell you…in order to get the details on how to actually make it , along with another delicious summery treat that I won’t mention in too much depth here; you’ll have to follow a project I’ve been working on with an amazing team of foodies, who have been collaborating to bring you a brand new food magazine with recipes from all around the world. This magazine will be printView full post »

Raw Apple Walnut Cake with a Coconut Caramel Sauce

Hello, my favorite foodie friends. I can no longer put off the post of this incredible edible dessert/breakfast. It was seriously an experience to remember. And since its been a week now, and I hardly ever make the same thing twice, I’m afraid I’ll forget. Although that goes without saying that this absolutely indefinitely MUST be made not only twice, but every single year, around this time, possibly every week.  But before I go on, I feel like I should apologize for my sillyView full post »

Raw Lemon Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing and Lemon Rind Sprinkles

Okay, so I sort of have this thing for lemon. Not only for its alkalizing, and cleansing properties. Or the therapeutic and energizing scent, but I could literally eat, drink and inhale lemon everything, every day. It’s the friendliest fruit on the planet. You can pair it with pretty much anything and can’t go wrong. Lemon and lavender. Lemon and rosemary. Lemon with garlic, honey, stevia, dates, chicken, kale, chocolate… You get my drift. WhichView full post »

Lemony Cashew Cream

In my last post, I mentioned a sort of ‘sugar’ detox I was planning to… well…play around with. I want to be fully committed and follow all the rules, but you guuuyyyys. I dislike the pressure of rules sometimes. Although, I have been studying and haaave learned a lot; like the benefits of water and lemons in the morning. Why and how. Proper food combining, foods that feed yeast, and the very sensitive balance of acid alkalinity in the body. IView full post »

Maca Macaroons

My kids love raw desserts. I mean, L.O.V.E. And these raw maca macaroons, are everybody’s favorite. They were adapted from, ‘Superfood Kitchen’ cookbook, and have been made by my eight year old, pretty religiously, over the last several months. Actually, she’s the one that adapted the recipe. All on her own. Yep. She’s pretty cool- I know. 😉 If you’ve never heard of Maca, here’s the scoop; it’s an Incan super food that stands for energy, balanceView full post »

‘No Bake’ Berry Banana Cheesecake

Today was cold, dark and rainy…you can probably tell by the shadowy picture. We’re not really fans of cold, dark and rainy days; but we believe they can be put to good use with a good book, board game or some extra time in the kitchen… Recently, I was scrolling my new foodie friend’s blog, over at  , and was all googly eyed over her raw vegan raspberry cheesecake bars. You can get googly too, if you want, just clickView full post »

Raspberry Tart with a Raw Brownie Crust

Raw desserts. Oh, raw desserts. When I first discovered them, it was love at first sight, bite and aaalllll of that. It was like, a fast and easy, nutrient dense,  dessert…really? It’s just too good to be true. But it is true. A dream come true, indeed. For strictly raw desserts, all you really need is; a few ingredients, a food processor, maybe a fridge and a freezer would be helpful, {and a blender, but not for this post}. You don’t need an oven…orView full post »