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Greek Yogurt Fudge Cupcakes

The thing I love most about these cupcakes is the fact that they’re made only with quinoa flour. I mean, the quinoa flour IS the all purpose flour. No starch or gums required. That’s a huge step you can cut out in the baking process if you normally whip up your own flour mix to start. Saving time on mess and clean up. Not that you won’t make a tiny mess when making these, and there are other steps to making these decadent fudge like treats, but when you’re a busy personView full post »

Quinoa Cakes With a Coconut Sugar Cranberry Sauce

Quinoa was one of the first super foods we discovered after going gluten free. It’s pronounced Keen-Wah, which is pretty fun to say and…it’s pretty all around amazing. The Quinoa crop is a pseudo-cereal and is related to amaranth. Indigenous to South America, it is famous for;  high protein content, amino acids, easy digestibility, magnesium , calcium , iron and its entirely gluten free. I must admit, my kids weren’t too crazy about the grainyView full post »