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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Pizza- Gluten and Grain Free

Gluten free pizza. What can I really say about it? The store bought brands are filled with things that will make your blood sugar scream; they’re tough and tasteless…they’re expensive…but they’re convenient. Sure. The homemade ones, depending on the recipe and based on my experience, are hit or miss. They’re too tough, they’re too gummy or they’re just right. This one turned out to be just right. It was one of those recipes that was adapted fromView full post »

‘No Bake’ Berry Banana Cheesecake

Today was cold, dark and rainy…you can probably tell by the shadowy picture. We’re not really fans of cold, dark and rainy days; but we believe they can be put to good use with a good book, board game or some extra time in the kitchen… Recently, I was scrolling my new foodie friend’s blog, over at  , and was all googly eyed over her raw vegan raspberry cheesecake bars. You can get googly too, if you want, just clickView full post »

Grain Free ‘Biscuit Pancakes’

I’ve never really been a baker. I mean, it’s so intimidating and…scary. and. scientific. Right? I remember when I first learned to cook, just after I married {some 11 years ago}…yeah…I bet you won’t believe who taught me. You may know , Rachael Ray? You know, the famous lady from the Food Network show, ’30 minute meals’? I totally learned from her. I mean, by watching her show, of course, and taking notes and then risking itView full post »

Lemony Chia Seed Muffins – Gluten and Dairy Free

Hellooo and happy Monday, to anyone that might be reading this today! Big smiles and waves. 😉 It’s super gloomy and gray in my corner of the world, it seems to be that way in January, I guess. Booo to winter blues… Luckily, we have bright, sunny and ‘in season’ food to cheer us up, yaaay. Like this whole lemon happy spread we have going on in the picture above. Yes. There’s something so cheery and uplifting about the color yellow, don’t you think?View full post »

Raspberry Tart with a Raw Brownie Crust

Raw desserts. Oh, raw desserts. When I first discovered them, it was love at first sight, bite and aaalllll of that. It was like, a fast and easy, nutrient dense,  dessert…really? It’s just too good to be true. But it is true. A dream come true, indeed. For strictly raw desserts, all you really need is; a few ingredients, a food processor, maybe a fridge and a freezer would be helpful, {and a blender, but not for this post}. You don’t need an oven…orView full post »

Quinoa Cakes With a Coconut Sugar Cranberry Sauce

Quinoa was one of the first super foods we discovered after going gluten free. It’s pronounced Keen-Wah, which is pretty fun to say and…it’s pretty all around amazing. The Quinoa crop is a pseudo-cereal and is related to amaranth. Indigenous to South America, it is famous for;  high protein content, amino acids, easy digestibility, magnesium , calcium , iron and its entirely gluten free. I must admit, my kids weren’t too crazy about the grainyView full post »