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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Maca Macaroons

My kids love raw desserts. I mean, L.O.V.E. And these raw maca macaroons, are everybody’s favorite. They were adapted from, ‘Superfood Kitchen’ cookbook, and have been made by my eight year old, pretty religiously, over the last several months. Actually, she’s the one that adapted the recipe. All on her own. Yep. She’s pretty cool- I know. 😉 If you’ve never heard of Maca, here’s the scoop; it’s an Incan super food that stands for energy, balanceView full post »

Banana Almond Butter Peach Smoothie

I love the simplicity of a smoothie. Simple, sweet and filling, yet, they can be made a thousand ways. Ours are usually dairy free, with the occasional grass fed cow milk yogurt, because…vitamin b and…probiotics of course. Although that is super occasional since both of our boys have the casein allergy. Which means they react through the skin in the form of eczema or hives when exposed to the milk protein (an autoimmune response). It’s kind of a bummer, and even though all theView full post »