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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Raw Lemon Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing and Lemon Rind Sprinkles

Okay, so I sort of have this thing for lemon. Not only for its alkalizing, and cleansing properties. Or the therapeutic and energizing scent, but I could literally eat, drink and inhale lemon everything, every day. It’s the friendliest fruit on the planet. You can pair it with pretty much anything and can’t go wrong. Lemon and lavender. Lemon and rosemary. Lemon with garlic, honey, stevia, dates, chicken, kale, chocolate… You get my drift. WhichView full post »

Lemony Cashew Cream

In my last post, I mentioned a sort of ‘sugar’ detox I was planning to… well…play around with. I want to be fully committed and follow all the rules, but you guuuyyyys. I dislike the pressure of rules sometimes. Although, I have been studying and haaave learned a lot; like the benefits of water and lemons in the morning. Why and how. Proper food combining, foods that feed yeast, and the very sensitive balance of acid alkalinity in the body. IView full post »