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Lemony Cashew Cream

imageIn my last post, I mentioned a sort of ‘sugar’ detox I was planning to… well…play around with. I want to be fully committed and follow all the rules, but you guuuyyyys. I dislike the pressure of rules sometimes. Although, I have been studying and haaave learned a lot; like the benefits of water and lemons in the morning. Why and how. Proper food combining, foods that feed yeast, and the very sensitive balance of acid alkalinity in the body. I won’t bore you with all of that information now, but if I’m really good, {which I’m not, you can  probably already see that I’m horribly inconsistent with this blogging thing} I will try and break some of this stuff up into individual posts, and share a little more in detail- as I continue applying these things to our daily routine. Even though I have not completed an entire month free of yeast feeding foods,  I have seen and felt results.

So now, this lemony cashew cream. The cashews are soaked in filtered water to break down the phytic acid found in nuts, grains and legumes. This will improve nutrient absorption when digested, and it gives the cashews that oh so creamy effect. The lemons will help to alkalize the body, improve digestion, and add that exciting tang. The sea salt is also alkaline in the body and a necessary nutrient {how about that?} – it does a great job accenting any sweetness drawn from the cashews and softens the sour punch from the lemons. Then, there’s the super red palm oil. It’s reddish orange in color, signaling all that beta-carotene, which means vitamin A. It’s best absorbed when eaten with a fat, since it’s fat soluble. Say yaaaaay for that because nuts are fat, and so is the red palm oil. 😉 Finally, there’s a little liquid stevia for a little extra sweet. What can I say, I like the sweets. Stevia is an herb sweetener and it doesn’t feed yeast and it doesn’t do much to your blood sugars. It’s definitely friend to those with yeast issues, auto-immune disorders i.e. type one diabetes and more. Just make sure you read the labels when purchasing Stevia and other ‘health’ products. There’s a lot of sneakiness out there. We used to use the powdered form of Stevia for baking, whipping cream and frostings; then we found out there was corn sugar hiding in the ingredient list (dextrose) and it wasn’t certified organic either. Of course. Which means it may have been gmo. Oh no! Anyway-

Here’s the recipe, y’all:

  1. 2 C soaked cashews in filtered water for 2 hours or overnight.
  2. The zest and juice of two organic lemons
  3. About 3 TB red palm oil (we use the Nutiva brand)
  4. a pinch of sea salt (we used the pink Himalayan kind)
  5. about 2 tsp liquid Stevia

To soak the cashews, just place in a glass bowl and cover with filtered water. leave out on the counter for a couple hours or place in the fridge covered over night. Drain and rinse cashews and place in food processor. Add juice and zest of lemons, red palm oil, sea salt and liquid stevia. Pulse until everything breaks up and mixes pretty evenly. Then run on high speed for a little while. Maybe like 5 minutes. You want the consistency to be as smooth as possible. That’s it! Now you can use it for whatever your little foodie heart desires. Jar it for later, eat as is, put it in a smoothie-that’s what I do, or use it as a base for a raw cheesecake. Mmmmm, I think I’ll do that one later. Lemony mango and lime cheesecake. I’ve been dreaming of that one for a while…


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  • Mary, what books do you recommend to start learning all this information that you were referring to at the beginning of this post? Wow, that was a longgg sentence. Anyway, I am looking to broaden my horizons. :) – Liz YoungReplyCancel

    • Hi, Liz! The books I have and recommend in order of most informative are; The Candida Cure by Ann Boroch, CNC, Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates, The Candida Cookbook ( sorry this ones in storage..You can google it) , Prescription for Natural Cures by James F. Balch, M.D. There are also books with essential oil recipes to assist the Candida cleanse- I’ll have to get back on that one. The one I have is also in storage. Boo. But I’m sure you can google or search Amazon. :) Happy health journey! xoReplyCancel

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