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Gluten Free Cornbread with Cranberry Orange Goat Cheese

Is it really the week before Christmas? I mean, we did NOT just blow through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Did we? I know it sounds cliche but, Time FLIIIIIEEEEESSSS! It doesn’t always seem that way in the moment, but then looking back, it’s crazy sometimes. Maybe that means I’m regretting something…I hope not, and I don’t think so. No regrets! Anyway, here we are in December. December 14th to be exact, and I’ve been hiding. Away from the blogging world. Lack of drive, maybe? Maybe this tiny space and super tiny kitchen is starting to wear on me? This is a season of JOY, PEACE and good will, so I definitely don’t want to complain. But, it is my reality that I don’t have room for my favorite stand mixer, or dehydrator, and  I can’t fit a large baking pan or roaster in the oven. Can’t have but one pot and MAYBE the tea kettle on the stove going at once….it BURNS me, y’all. My heart. Oh, but my favorite challenge. We’ve used the oven so much that the little white numbers have rubbed completely off the dial. Yep. Had to special order a new one and it’s been several weeks…We ended up getting one of those oven thermometers (which is a really great thing to have anyway) but I have to wait for the oven to pre-heat in order to get an accurate temperature, and then adjust before I can pop anything into the oven. I can’t tell you the amount of corn tortillas I’ve burned…cookies…quick breads. I give up. It’s too depressing. Okay, I don’t give up. But let’s not talk about it anymore. I KNOW there is a home with a full size kitchen in our very near future, and for now..I’m just gonna do what we can do and call this adventure. Okay? okay. 


With all of that being said. I think this cornbread is the most appropriate thing to post. haha, and wink wink. It did burn on the bottom a little. But I’m confident that it won’t do the same for you, so don’t worry. This is a cornbread made with organic non-gmo corn meal, that all purpose grain free flour I have posted in the archives, raw unfiltered local honey, and….goat cheese. Yes, goat cheese and chives with cranberries and a suggestion of citrusy orange. I think you’re gonna love it. Here’s the recipe: 

  1. 1 C All purpose gluten free flour
  2. 1 C corn meal
  3. 1 tsp guar gum (if your flour doesn’t already have a gum in it, or you could try to leave it out…my experience with leaving it out is a more crumbly end product, I’m not a huge fan of messy, but it’s up to you) 
  4. 1 tsp sea salt
  5. 1 tsp baking soda
  6. 1 tsp baking powder
  7. 2 TB coconut sugar
  8. 1 C hazelnut milk (or other dairy free variety or you can use dairy, whatever) 
  9. 1 TB apple cider vinegar
  10. 1/3 C coconut oil
  11. 1/3 C unfiltered honey
  12. 2 Pasture raised eggs
  13. 4 oz of cranberry orange goat cheese (you know those logs wrapped it cranberries you find mostly around the holidays) 
  14. Vegetable shortening for greasing your pan
  15. cast iron skillet

Pre-heat your oven to 350. Grease your cast iron with some vegetable shortening. In a large mixing bowl combine all purpose flour, corn meal, guar gum- if necessary, sea salt, baking soda, baking powder, coconut sugar. Whisk together. In a separate mixing bowl, add milk and vinegar. Let it do that curdling thing. Stir it a bit then add eggs, honey and oil. Whisk. Combine wet into dry ingredients and stir together. Pinch off the goat cheese into bite size pieces and place evenly around the cornbread batter. Fold together. Pour the batter into greased pan. Spread evenly with spatula if you must. Bake on 350 for about 20 minutes maybe a little more. it will be light in color when finished so you might want to give it a shake test when it starts smelling all delicious. You know, so you don’t burn the bottom like I did. But I still blame the tiny oven. Not talking about it!! All the love and happy baking this Christmas season, y’all. XO

Gluten Free Corn Bread with Honey and Cranberry Orange Goat Cheese
A sweet and slightly savory quick bread, just in time for the holidays.
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  1. 1 C all purpose gluten free flour
  2. 1 C corn meal
  3. 1 tsp baking soda
  4. 1 tsp baking powder
  5. 1 tsp guar gum if your flour doesn't already have a 'gum' in it
  6. 1 tsp sea salt
  7. 2 TB coconut sugar
  8. 1 C hazelnut milk
  9. 1 TB apple cider vinegar
  10. 1/3 C coconut oil
  11. 1/3 C unfiltered honey
  12. 4 oz cranberry orange goat cheese log
  13. vegetable shortening for greasing.
  1. pre-heat oven to 350. Grease cast iron skillet. In a mixing bowl combine flour, corn meal, gum, salt, baking soda, baking powder, and coconut sugar. Whisk together. In a separate mixing bowl combine, milk with apple cider vinegar. let sit a minute or so. Add eggs, oil, and honey. Whisk smooth. If you don't melt your coconut oil first, it won't be totally smooth, don't worry. Combine wet ingredients into dry. Stir. Pinch goat cheese into bite size pieces and place evenly around the cornbread batter. Smooth with spatula. Toss in the oven and bake for about 20-25 minutes.
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  • Your tiny kitchen story…! And still you come up with this beauty! Hats off to you, girl! Your like a mini kitchen super hero!! Thinking future big kitchen thoughts for you!!ReplyCancel

    • ? You’re so sweet, Mel! It is an unraveling kitchen story, indeed. Staying grateful! 😉 Thank you for stopping by! I hope your day is blessed! xoReplyCancel

  • i can’t believe it’s nearly christmas as well. seems like yesterday i was sweating bullets walking to the coffee shop at sunrise. sounds like you are embracing the frustrating kitchen stuff as best as you can. and with this cornbread to boo. love that it has a little holiday feel too. xoReplyCancel

    • Walking to the coffee shop at sunrise sounds like a dreamy sort of thing to do!! :) and yes, embracing all the challenges encourages growth, right? Apparently, I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into when we sold our house on a whim 5 months ago and then moved cities. What was I thinking?! 😉 adventure, maybe. Anyway, you’re the sweetest, Amanda! Thanks for stopping byyy. xoxReplyCancel

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